This is my first trip to Switzerland and I am actually finding it tough to express my feelings about this place. I am sure we all want to experience the beauty of this place and drive like Shahrukh Khan on the outskirts of the country. Switzerland is famous for chocolates, watches and Swiss knife- so I got everything. I started my day with the visit to old town- but please mind it- it is just the name which is old. The place is as fresh and beautiful as any other new city in the lap of Mother Nature. Everybody is happy and owns a house and no beggars are found here.

My next day was planned for Jungfraujoch. The Jungfrau railway is Europe’s highest altitude railway station and is included in UNESCO heritage site for its spectacular view. My visit to this place is like a jewel in the crown. The temperate remain in minus throughout, and in winters, the view is just magical.

Another place to cover here was Mt. Titlis (10,000), which is central Switzerland’s loftiest peak which is snow covered. I experienced the famous cable car ride which makes you see a 360 degrees complete view of the snow-covered valleys, glaciers, forests and other surroundings. Who doesn’t want to experience the breath-taking view of this place? I saw young couples and kids playing in the snow and enjoying skiing along with throwing ice of each other.
God’s creation is the best. This place truly deserves to be a paradise and I feel so happy after visiting this place. So many shots are captured in my camera and I still wanted to be here for as long as I can, but have to live my actual life as well. Hence, this is a short story of my successful journey.