There is hardly any person on earth who does not wish to look stylish, unique and smart and what’s better than looking modish, that too without putting in much effort and wasting too much of time on your look. So here we have Superdry with loads of variety and trendy pieces to save you from the worries of standing out from the crowd.
Superdry is considered one of the best international brands for menswear. It started its prosperous journey in 1985 (about 33 years ago from now) in the United Kingdom. It is a retail brand which specializes in clothing. Superdry is in itself a fashion statement. The brand is not much engaged in getting itself endorsed by celebrities yet it is one of the most popular and excellent brands in the world! Superdry very often uses a combination of random Japanese texts and vintage American styling which makes the attire look pleasing. Even the simplest pieces of clothing from Superdry look stylish and classy.
Using Superdry’s brilliant products, I have created two astounding looks from their special AW’18 collection.



So, the first look that I have created with Superdry is very casual and a daily wear going look. The look comprises of just a pullover and casual joggers paired with casual black sneakers. The pullover has a black base and a combination of blue and white stripes. The stripes perfectly go hand-in-hand with the black base. Superdry written on the pullover makes it look a lot more interesting. The fabric of the pullover is really soft to the skin and I’m loving the comfort it gives me. Talking about the comfortable joggers which I’ve paired with the pullover. The joggers are blue in color and beautifully complement the blue stripes on my pullover. Superdry’s joggers look super classy and trendy at the same time. The pair of black shoes complete the outfit and provide a sporty look. My backpack is working as an amazing accessory. It is helping me to carry my essentials such as my laptop, charger, books and a pair of sunglasses & more. This look is just something that defines AW’18.


The second look is majorly a military one as I’ve combined a military jacket and a pair of baggy military joggers. The jacket neither fails to keep me protected from the cold nor does it make me look like a bear. The jacket’s material, unlike other jackets, is super light and supple. The baggy military joggers make me look fashionable and gracefully set off my jacket. The simple grey t-shirt and the pair of well-built grey shoes turn this look into an elegant one and also add a spark to the entire look. The grey color, when harmonized with military clothes produces an absolutely stunning look which is hard to get from any other blend.

The two looks created by me serve as an outstanding combination for varied occasions. The fabulous range of clothing by Superdry can be easily used to create more such combinations when they are paired with appropriate accessories. Superdry products are highly recommended for everyone because who doesn’t want to look good.