Despite the darkest history given to the world, this place is too beautiful to visit. Though it has many happening places to visit, I wanted to start with exploring another passion of mine- love for cars, i.e. the manufacturing of the world famous brand BMW, I earn to travel and drive, so I’m travelling and exploring how this beautiful machine is made.

People call this place as BMW Welt, which means WORLD of BMW. This place is a multi-use exhibition centre where meetings are conducted along with the promotional events, and YES, BMW’s are delivered via this location. I consider myself lucky enough to explore this place. This place is full of huge machines which are responsible for creating every part of BMW. It was unbelievable to see the assembling of the car, though, not complete but was able to see a fraction of it. Then I realised how tough it is to assemble machinery like this.

BMW Welt has a junior campus as well, which is an introduction to the world of mobility for the youngsters as well, especially those who have the love for machines. Just opposite to Welt, you will find BMW Museum, which is unique in itself. This place tells you about how BMW came into being and what all did it pass through to be where it is today. Today, this museum owns 125 vintages of the same. This manufacturing unit is a complete world in itself, which is still producing more models for the world.

All those, who would love to gather knowledge about the same, and want to see how the assembling of this machine is done, this place is a sure shot visit in your list.