Our choice of clothes depicts how clear we are towards our decisions. We make our persona attractive and charming by the way we carry ourselves. Thus, it should be our prime responsibility to feel confident and comfortable in our get up. Roger La Viale provides the finest cloth in the world. They believe in providing the best because a man can look elegant only when he feels confident and comfortable in his clothing. Roger La Viale iconic collection assures a man’s custom wardrobe to rise in every occasion.
MR. FOX have utilised some of the finest fabrics from Roger La Viale to make this Dapper suit for The Urbane Lion. The amount of hard work, dedication and creativity which they show in converting the best fabric into fabulous garments is commendable. The Suit crafted by MR. FOX is simply the best and has a perfect fit with no alterations. Before reaching our hands, it goes through many trials to make sure that the perfect dapper suit is delivered to us.
The highest level of contentment is derived when our outer getup depicts our inner peace. This light grey suit with astonishing blue check lines perfectly matches with my personality. The white coloured shirt is merged with the blue colour of the suit in such a way like the calmness of the sky meets with the brightness of snow in the mighty mountains. This white shirt is crafted with 100% supreme cotton, which provides a feeling of cosiness. I have used a blue watch along with blue coloured shoes to depict my inner soul through my get up.