A true companion is not always a person who remains beside you in your rough times. Instead, a true companion could be anything, which always boosts your morale on the tough roads. When the journey seems frightening, a true companion gives fire to your confidence. A true companion helps you to easily overcome the obstacles on the path. Let’s talk about Jeep Wrangler in India.

Jeep is a brand of  American automobiles and is a division of Chrysler. Right from its inception, the division is headquartered in Toledo, Ohio. The current range of cars from Jeep consists mostly of SUV and off-road vehicles. The Jeep brand started its journey in the 1940’s. The inception of Jeep 4*4 was legendary and it emerged as a hero to thousands of soldiers around the world, during that time. Jeep had gone through many owners, the first being Willys. In 1945m the first civilian model was produced and with the ‘Go-Anywhere, Do-Anything’ slogan, a strong confidence and love arose in hearts of Jeep lovers. This love strongly established the Jeep brand as the undisputed leader in 4*4 technology. With time, Jeep saw a rise of the recreation vehicles along with engineering superiority and innovation in its vehicle models. Now, various manufacturers around the world manufacture Jeeps in India. Today, its variants are ruling the roads around the world, and its off-road vehicles are helping the wanderer’s and adventure seekers to boost the pace of their quest for adventure, regardless of the obstacles on their way.

Jeep has always accentuated on the vehicle’s off road capabilities. This iconic SUV manufacturer has now introduced the Jeep Wrangler in India. Wrangler made its first appearance on the Indian soil in 2016, at the Auto Expo held in New Delhi. The Wrangler Unlimited is all set to rule the Indian roads and trails with its strong capabilities, rugged exterior, comfortable interior and various other mind blowing features. The trail rated badge on the Wrangler is a proof of its strong off- road capabilities. This badge is earned only after passing a set of grueling tests, which are meant to prove the off- road capabilities.

The interior of Wrangler Unlimited has soft touch surfaces, which provide a smooth and natural feel within the vehicle. The interior drain plugs are located just below the foot spaces and are easy to remove. After every off- roading adventure you go on, these interior drain plugs can be easily removed and washed to make your companion ready for the next adventurous trip. To add on to your comfort level during the cold mornings of winter, Wrangler Unlimited is equipped with heated front seats.

For a gusty performance on the toughest trails of the world, the Command-Trac four wheel drive system perfectly provides equal torque to all wheel ends, without fail. It’s not only about how swiftly you are going, but also about how far you are willing to go. Strong durability in vehicles comes from heavy shafts, stiff housings, and other factors. These features, for long durability, are smartly articulated in Wrangler. The Dana 44 Heavy duty solid axles provide a smoother and quieter operation.

While starting the Wrangler Unlimited on the hills, Hill Start Assist prevents it from rolling downward by holding the vehicle stationary for two seconds, allowing the time to power the engine. In the rough terrains, the Hill Descent Control with the 5-speed automatic transmission helps Wrangler Unlimited to go through rough and steep declines at a consistent speed. It makes sure that your focus is on your goal and the HDC itself manages a smooth and controlled hill descent.

The Impressive design and rugged exterior of Wrangler has a magnificent charm. Anyone can fall in love with its bold exterior look and features. The flexible options of removable roof top can be adequately utilized as per your mood, style and weather conditions on any kind of adventurous trip. During off-roading, it is very important to have a clear eye on the path ahead, for which the unique feature of the fold-down windshield in Wrangler Unlimited can be utilized without any hesitation. It not only helps for maintaining a clear eye on the road but also helps in making a lovely bonding with the fresh air.

Apart from these, the safety and security features are of optimum level. The high-class maneuverability of the vehicle helps the driver in maintaining the perfect control of the vehicle. The tire pressure monitoring trait regularly keeps an eye on the inflation levels, for achieving apex efficiency and the advanced multi-stage airbags provide all around protection.

With so many ultimate features in Wrangler, I was excited to experience the thrill of riding it. For a test drive, I got this astonishing Red and Black colored Wrangler. It is really a heavy vehicle and the smooth touch surface made me feel comfortable inside it. From inside, it has a wide front view that helps the driver to take a wider look at the road ahead while off-roading. We had it off-roading on the bumpy roads. I was confident while steering the car. Talking about my personal choice, I am always into sedan cars. However, the Wrangler caught my attention as soon as I was asked to test drive it!