The place which is home to one of Switzerland’s biggest Ski resort and ice hockey in winters is Davos. This place offers a holiday destination with international ambience in the largest mountain ranges of Europe- the Alps. My journey to Switzerland would have been incomplete without the visit to this place and I realised it after visiting here. I decided to hire a car on rent for 3 days and planned my trip to this splendid location. I started my journey from my hotel in Zurich around 5.00 a.m. The Davos- Stelvio route is termed as “the greatest driving road in the world”, according to the TV show BBC Top Gear. Believe me, this is an understatement to describe this path. What an absolute spectacular stretch of road it is!

Though this place is quite over-crowded in the middle of summer, but every scene here is meant to cherish. The Stelvio Pass is not only the most beautiful one but is also one of the highest and most dramatic mountain passes in the Alps. This pass forms the border between the Ortler Alps in Italy between Stilfs in South Tyrol and Bormio in Sondrio province. This pass is at the elevation of 2.757m (9,045 feet). This road throws a number of hairpin bends which looks amazing from the top. In fact, this road becomes more interesting with tight twists and turns along visibility and of course, the scenic beauty adds a spark to the drive.

Another amazing route to cover here is San Bernardino Pass, which is the part of western Alps. The entire route was worth travelling in the car and I would suggest this drive as a must to cover once in a life if you visit Switzerland. I don’t mind coming here next very soon and explore what has been missed on this trip.

This drive covers beautiful forest landscapes with smooth roads along with tunnels. This road is quite crowded in the summers, but you can avoid the traffic if you start your ride early morning. Though late evening is also an option, but you won’t be able to experience the beauty- which is the obvious reason for a drive. You will find several hotels during your ride where you can have a stop-over along with some starters and a cup of good hot coffee or tea. I relished these things a lot on my trip and it was hard to believe that this beautiful dream turned into a reality. From May-June till October, you can visit this place and experience this beautiful ride and also, another thing which impressed me was that this area is duty-free. So shopping lovers must visit and explore this paradise. I am a frequent traveller and a driver, but my personal experience says that there is nothing which can describe the beauty of this place- which is so complete and pollution free. I’m looking forward to my next visit as soon I can plan and will explore much more than this time.