It is the beauty of some places, which makes travelling an unavoidable and a soul satisfying part of my life. Sri Lanka, which is also known as the pearl of the Indian ocean, lies in the south of India. Sri Lanka is an island country, with Colombo as its capital. It is home to diverse cultures and languages. The diversity of the country attracts tourists from all around the world. Colombo is a famous destination amongst travellers. It is the largest city and the commercial capital of Sri Lanka.
Looking back into the history of Colombo, one would find that it has a glorious past. From ancient times, due to its natural harbour, Colombo has been a hot spot for traders from East and West both. Almost all well-known sea travellers, traders and philosophers have touched its soil with pride. Today, it is a lively place with a blend of modern life, colonial buildings and ruins. Being the main city, Colombo is home to a majority of entertainment venues and restaurants. One can find a plethora of charm and adventure in Colombo. Ranging from immaculate beaches to stunning restaurants, from the natural beauty of wetland parks to the cheerful and royal environment of casinos, everything is there in the city.
There are a lot of attractions, which have the power to stun anyone, with their attractiveness. People who are fond of nature and its beauty can start their travel journey from the Beddagana wetland park & Beira Lake. These are some of the beautiful attractions in Colombo, which mesmerise the visitors with their natural beauty. Beddagana wetland park is home to many native birds and other animal species. The scenic location of this park makes it a precious green enclave.
Beira Lake is a famous lake alongside the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple. In Beira lake, one can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset in the heart of Colombo city. The hanging foot bridge and boating adds on to the beauty of this lake.
Apart from these natural spots, the top class casinos in Colombo adequately provide you with an opportunity to explore Colombo’s night life. The top casinos in Colombo are Bally’s casino & Bellagio casino. These casinos provide large gaming areas with a variety of games to play. Along with different types of games to play, the great music, dance and sometimes the complimentary drinks keep the unlimited entertainment alive 24 * 7!
Bally’s casino was established in the year 1995, with its vision to be Sri Lanka’s best and the unique casino. The gaming area in Bally’s casino is spread over a huge space and it houses sixty gaming tables including games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, mini flush and much more to keep you entertained for hours at a stretch. A classy restaurant and an elegant bar make the stay more comfortable.
With a varied range of casino games like three card poker, Baccarat, black jack, roulette, sic bio and slot machines, along with great rewards to win, the Bellagio casino is another famous destination for tourists, giving them an amazing casino experience. During some nights there are special lotteries, which make the atmosphere more cheerful. All the casinos in Colombo are open for all hours of the day. These casinos also provide free pick up and drop service from and to almost all major hotels in Colombo.
There are a lot of restaurants available in Colombo with their unique specialities. But if you want to hang out with your friends and enjoy a couple of drinks of beer or if you want to spend some quality time then the two best restaurants are ON 14 at Ozo Colombo and Sky lounge at Kings Bury. These restaurants are nestled on the terrace. You can easily take a beautiful view of Colombo city and its outskirts from these roof-top restaurants. The food and cocktail menu accompanied by special hours like the happy hour, in which you get one to one free drink, will make your day. An evening is the best time to visit these restaurants. Here, while sipping the breeze from your drinks, you can also enjoy the breathtaking and beautiful sunset from the seats on the coastal side.
In Colombo, you will find all sort of things, which makes it one of the favourite destination for travellers. Everything from the wetland parks to drinks of the famous restaurants gives you all the opportunities to cherish the moments created there. Even if after enjoying all these, still you are not done with your exploring, then you can head over to Bentota beach. Bentota beach is 85 Km away from Colombo and is located in the Galle district of the southern province. It is a destination for water sports. You can enjoy fun activities with your family and friends along with enjoying different types of water sports. In Bentota, you can also find prevalent, an ancient art of healing known as Ayurveda. If you want to spend some time with yourself, then this peaceful beach is the perfect place for you to relax on.