Barcelona, the second largest town in Spain, welcomed me wholeheartedly and felt head over heels in love with the place. When you visit a city, you must explore every nook and corner- then only you are a GOOD traveller. I started my journey with the main attraction of the place- La Sagrada Familia, a Colossal Roman Catholic Church, which is a famous and large monument. It is still hard to believe that the construction of the church started in 1882 and the work is still incomplete, and this is the reason that this place is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was a long tiring, but worth spent a day.

Gothic Quarter, the place where I visited on the second day of my trip. This site dates from medieval times and still holds the same beauty of wide streets and is quite popular amongst youngsters, as you will find energetic street artists playing violin and guitar and few- singing and dancing to their tune. This place offers you good music along with providing good company. I made many new friends here and had a wonderful time. The evening was even joyful when there was the increase in the number of crowds. Everybody was enjoying their lives and was quite happy.

The last place which I explored was Barceloneta beach, which is vivacious during the hot summer day and is also the biggest beach of the town. This beach was once a home to fisherman and is still a vibrant place to visit. Though it was a cloudy day, and the sky was blue, I managed to keep myself happy and pampered by spending time in Blue Beach Bar Café and ordered fresh seafood along with a mug of beer.

This place gave me memories for the lifetime along with seeking a promise to visit shortly. That was fun sharing my experience.