Ever wondered to go to a place with crystal clear beaches, where you can find peace and adventure together? If not, then here is my beautiful experience of Bali, which will excite you to visit this place once in your lifetime. Bali is an island as well as a province in Indonesia. After 1980’s Bali saw a significant rise in tourists, coming from various countries. Today Bali is a popular tourist destination in the world. A few years back it bagged the award for being the world’s best island by The International Travel Magazine. The concept of life in Bali is related to Tri Hita Karana. It is a concept that includes a spiritual relationship between the god and the human with their environment. The white beaches of Bali are perfect spots for diving, while a trip to hidden stone temples will bring out your curiosity for exploration. If you are fond of trekking, then a hike to the summit of Mount Batur will act as a lifetime experience for you.

It is true that many of Bali’s first-time tourists Travel here to experience the warm beaches of untainted crystal clear waters and immaculate golden sands. Every beach in Bali is one of its kind and offers you a lively environment to enjoy beach life. From an amazing experience of surfing on the mightiest waves, to beautiful sunset moments with your loved ones. You will find ample opportunities to discover, surf and enjoy the peaceful coastal experience. Though there are a lot of eye-catching beaches in Bali, let me tell you the best beaches in Bali are the Padwa beach, the Blue Point beach, the Suluban beach and the Nusa Dua beach. The Blue Point beach is mostly for experienced surfers and is famous among sea surfers as one could find plenty of waves for a good surf.

A visit to Bali would be incomplete without a trip to at least one of the temples in Bali. There are around 20,000 temples in Bali and all are great attractions. In a single trip, it is not possible to visit every temple, but you can visit some famous temples such as the Uluwatu temple and the Tanah lot temple. The Uluwatu temple dates back to the 11th century and is located in Pecatu village. It is one of the six Sad Kahyangan temples, which are the main spiritual temples in Bali island. The Tanah Lot temple is one of the seven sea temples in Indonesia. This temple stands on a rock above the sea. The spectacular sunset view from the Tanah Lot temple attracts a lot of crowds.

Other attractions in Bali include the Waterbom Bali Waterpark, Discovery Mall, and Mount Batur. Waterbom Bali Waterpark is a place for young hearts! With world-class rides and water slides, the waterbom water park is spread over 3.8 hectares. This place guarantees a great day of fun and ultimate escape for relaxation along with maintaining strict international safety standards. The Discovery mall in Kuta is another attraction for tourists. Here, one can find much higher end specialty shops. If you want to spend few hours to relax, then also you can have a coffee on your table and can enjoy the excellent views over the water. It is considered as a souvenir haven for shoppers.
Mount Batur is a sacred mountain according to Hindu beliefs. It attracts tourists for an unforgettable and spectacular sunrise view from its top. Mount Batur is an active volcano located in the Batur village in Kintamani district on the Bali island, Indonesia. The first eruption took place in the year 1804 and since then it has been frequently active. The most recent eruption was in the year 2000. Mount Batur is 1717 meters above the sea level and can be easily submitted in 2 hours if you are physically fit.

The hiking Itinerary starts between 1:00 am to 1:30 am, which is the pickup time. It takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes from Kuta to reach the starting point of the trek in Toyabungkah village. The trek starts at around 3:45 am. A guide for help is always there for you. The trek starts at night time. A torch will be given to you for a safe journey. It takes around 2 hours to reach the summit or the sunrise point of Mount Batur. Once you reach the top, the magnificent view of the sunrise is surreal. All visitors go there to capture this beautiful sunrise view from the top of this active volcano. My recommendation is, you should definitely go for it if you are physically fit. Mount Batur sunrise trek is a must to do thing and offers a once in a lifetime experience.

Peace is explored in Bali when the sun roams above the head. When the sun goes down, it’s the music in the atmosphere and fun of Bali nightlife, which gives you the best that Bali can offer after dark. From street pubs to lively bars, from rooftop venues to occasional gigs, these spots in Bali also have international bands. There are a lot of night-life spots in Bali, where people like to hang out. My recommendation of places, which are best in Bali includes Mirror lounge & club, Potato head beach club, Rock bar and El Kabron, a restaurant with infinity pool.

Ultra Beach Bali is a music festival that started in Bali 3 years ago. It happens every year in September and is a part of Ultra Music Festival’s worldwide expansion. The first edition of Ultra Beach Bali was held at Potato Head Beach Club and took place during 24-25 September 2015. I attended the recent edition that took place once again in the Potato Head Beach Club during 14-15 September 2017. I witnessed artists like Kygo, Rezz, Hardwell, Nicky Romero & others. The ground was thrilled with the excitement, dance and music. I was very excited as it was my dream to attend the Ultra Music Festival.
With all these unforgettable moments, Bali gifted me with the most beautiful memories and I will visit Bali again, as soon as possible.