The definition of style varies from person to person. Some opt for brighter colours, others love to be subtle. Some shine bright, others remain simple and classy. In short, we all have a different picture to define the style. The fashion trends are changing almost every day and we are all experimenting with new ways of styling. Talking about fashion trends, Arrow is a company that has always remained in the forefront of fashion. It has a strong market presence in global as well as Indian market. A new meaning to style has been given by Arrow, with its new invention of a Smart Shirt!
The unique element of this shirt is a NFC chip, that makes it stand out from all the other shirts in the market. The smart shirt is named so because it has a smart NFC chip placed in its cuff. The NFC chip connects to a smart shirt app, which allows it to do tonnes of cool stuff. All you need to do is just tap once to get your work done. You can play your favourite song or launch your favourite app and work it in various other ways. Confused? Well, you’ll be surprised to know the highlights of the new collection.
Staying connected with social media has become easier with this Smart Shirt. Arrow Smart shirt enables you to share your LinkedIn profile with your clients. All they need to do is tap their phone on the left cuff of your smart shirt to have a look at your profile. It is also easy for you to share your Facebook profile with your friends and acquaintances with this amazing new gizmo shirt.
The Arrow smart shirt can act really smart for your business. When you have your business meetings, you can easily share your business card details with the client by tapping clients phone once at the cuff of your smart shirt. This definitely helps create a goodwill amongst the clients!
Business gives rise to meetings, and meetings are always endless. We all need a short break, don’t we? Arrow Smart shirt allows you to relax by keeping aside all your disturbances. Just tap on to your silent, vibrate or auto response mode to escape once in a while from all sorts of disturbances. You can also opt for the home mode to stay relaxed, without any disturbance.
Technology has kept us and our mobile phones busy throughout the day. The usage of mobile phones is increasing at a very fast pace. Arrow Smart shirt saves our lives with the application of work mode. One can activate the work mode feature to lower brightness, turn off Wifi and Bluetooth, in order to save the battery life of the mobile and work without any disturbance!
When we are exhausted with our business meetings and other work, we always look forward to music for relaxation. The Arrow Smart Shirt enables us to tap once and listen to our favourite song.
Our appearance is the first thing that hits others. It’s really important to have a good sense of style. With the idea of a smart shirt, Arrow has united fashion and technology. Now one can Look smart and act smarter with the Arrow smart shirt.
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