When one seeks to be the transformed gentleman in the society. When one seeks to make a mark but not lose their sense of individuality. And it is all this, that I am here to deliver to you at The Urbane Lion.
To provide aspiring men with a wardrobe that complements their individual style and panache.

The way you talk, the way you walk and most importantly the way you dress, all plays a major role in defining who you are. Because there is nothing more sexy and appealing than a well-groomed man who drips with a fashion sense so sharp, he makes everyone long for their breath.

I am here to bring out your best self and showcase to you a variety of menswear collection that won’t just be comfortable but classy. Varying from colors to patterns, I would be your guiding light about what should be worn at what time and during which weather. With this being said, I laid down my foundation of The Urbane Lion, hoping to deliver solid style content that will have you looking your best.